Qualities of Interesting and Engaging People

You know those people who grab your attention and interest immediately upon meeting them? Some people seem to have an aura about them… something that draws others toward them.

Some people are just naturally engaging and have innate characteristics that make them interesting and attractive. However, there are many qualities and habits that we can develop that make us more charismatic and likable.

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Why should we care what others think about us, or being likable? We typically preach about not giving a crap about what anyone thinks and being comfortable in your own skin.

However, it is super important to be pleasant, approachable and engaging when it comes to networking, providing customer service and customer acquisition! It’s also important in life in general to be able to converse and be comfortable with your communication abilities.

If you don’t consider yourself to be a natural at holding conversation, or grabbing the attention at a networking event, don’t assume that you’re doomed to stand in the shadows forever! There are many habits you can adopt to keep yourself interesting and boost your charisma; take some notes from the most interesting and engaging people you know!

  1. They have strong passions. Interesting people are passionate about what they believe in or stand for. It may be their career, their family, an organization they’re part of or something of the like. It’s important to have something that sets your souls on fire. 
  1. They are well-read. Engaging people are easy to talk to because they know what’s going on in the world. You don’t have to know everything about everything, but it is important to know some things of substance. 
  1. They try new things. The most engaging people are so interesting because they are always trying something new! They always have new experiences to share, or can relate to others because they have an exciting life of all kinds of experiences! 
  1. They’re down to earth. No one wants to talk to a pompous know-it-all. People are drawn to humble people. Know your worth, and be confident in who you are, but keep your feet on the ground. 
  1. They are authentic. The most charismatic people are genuine and aren’t afraid to be themselves. They don’t hide their quirks and can admit their mistakes. They don’t pretend to know more than they do, and are upfront with who they are and what they are there for. 
  1. They are positive. The best accessory anyone can wear is a smile. Nothing is more attractive than a positive attitude. Positive vibes attract more positive vibes! 
  1. They have hobbies. Having hobbies gives you something to talk about and a topic with which you can relate to others!
  1. They are always learning. You can never learn too much! Not only does being educated and well-rounded make you more attractive and charismatic, but the more you know, the more you have to talk about!

Sometimes, we’re so focused on everyone else that we may not notice how interesting we really are! There’s always room for improvement, and focusing on these habits is a great way to make yourself more engaging and better your life in general! Most importantly, be positive, be humble and be authentically you!